What is the capacity?

As required by the Louisiana Fire Marshall the capacity at Chateau Menteur accommodates 200. There are a total of 125 chairs in the venue.

How many tables and chairs?

There are ten 60" round tables and six 6 foot square tables. There are 125 banquet chairs in the venue.

When is the facility available for viewing?

The facility is available for viewing Tuesday - Friday 11am until 5 pm and Saturday 11am until 4pm. Please contact us 30 minutes prior to arrival even if you have an appointment.

How much is the deposit?

Deposit is $300 non-refundable.

Do we accept debit or credit cards or PayPal?

Yes, we accept all methods of payment, except CashApp and Zelle.

Do we hold dates without deposits?

No, in order for a date to be held deposits must be paid up front and contract must be signed.

Is there a cleanup deposit?

​No, there is no cleanup deposit, but you are required to cleanup during your event. Cleaning staff can be available for an addtional cost of $65.00 per person.

Can decorations or props be left overnight?

No, we do not have storage to hold any decorations and/or props.

Can you decorate the night before?

No. No one is allowed to setup the night before.

Do we supply food or drinks?

No, we do not provide food, alcohol, or sodas.

Does the price change if you provide your own linen?

No, our linen is an incentive and can not be substituted for more time or a discount.

Does our staff walk around and serve food or drinks?

No, our staff remain in their designated areas during events.

How many hours do we have to setup?

You will be given two hours prior to the start of your event. No one will be allowed in the venue prior to the two hours.

Are we allowed to sell tickets for our events?

Ticket sales are ONLY allowed for daytime brunches.

Are we allowed to hang decorations on the wall?

No one is allowed to place anything on the walls. If you attach anything to the walls your event will automatically be CANCELED. NO COMMAND STRIPS, TAPE, GLUE, THUMB TACKS,ETC.

Can we prepare food in the venue?

No food is allowed to be cooked and/or fried inside of the venue.